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UFH 25 Anniversary Video —— Dr. Amy LIU

Chair of OB/GYN | Tianjin —— Dr. Amy LIUWhen treating a high-risk pregnancy for a mother with advanced maternal age and gestational diabetes, Dr. L..

UFH 25 Anniversary Video —— Dr. Hongna FU

Chair of Pediatrics | Tianjin —— Dr. Hongna FUStaying nine straight days with an eight months old baby in NICU made me realize patient comfort is a..

UFH 25 Anniversary Video —— Dr. Demi DING

Manager of Pharmacy | Tianjin —— Dr. Demi DINGDiligence is at the heart of what we do to ensure safety for every patient.

Family Medicine & Pediatrics Free Telephone Consultation Service

The recent outbreak of the N-CoV got everyone’s attention, and all Chinese are fighting the epidemic with their own actions. People stay at home..

Letter to Patients

Dear United Family Community, It has been an extraordinary spring festival. Some of you are still away, some friends have already returned to work, so..

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