Family Medicine & Pediatrics Free Telephone Consultation Service

The recent outbreak of the N-CoV got everyone’s attention, and all Chinese are fighting the epidemic with their own actions.

People stay at home as much as possible at this unusual moment. Even so, there are times when you don’t feel well. And for children, will it affect the growth and development? Is there any chance that minor problems could go up to another level if you ignore it?

The epidemic is dreadful, but Tianjin United Family Hospital is with you all the way.

Tianjin United Family Hospital implements comprehensive scientific prevention and disease control strategy. Our doctors actively share epidemic prevention knowledge through online channels to response people’s concern about this epidemic. To further help our customers to contact the family medicine doctor or pediatrician, from now on, we will provide FREE telephone consultation service for Family Medicine and Pediatrics customers. To help them judge and understand their own or their children’s health conditions and make medical decisions appropriately.

Family Medicine & Pediatrics

Free Telephone Consultation Service


  • Eligible Customer

Adults or children who have medical record at Tianjin United Family Hospital

  • Service

Adult diseases, Child care or disease counseling

  • Appointment Time

Monday to Sunday

8:30 — 17:30

  • Reminder

○ Appointment Call: 4008 919191

○  The doctor will call the customers to provide consultation service in the order of appointment after the clinical work. We hope you can understand the possible  delay due to the clinical work.

  • Attention

○When the patient has fever, respiratory symptoms and other emergency medical conditions, please go to the appointed fever clinic for medical treatment as soon as possible.

○For complex medical conditions, detailed treatment plans may not be available through telephone consultation. Please listen to your doctor’s advice on whether you need to go to the hospital or not.

○ Please prepare relevant materials and reports in advance for doctors’ reference.


portrait of medical doctor working with his computer

portrait of medical doctor working with his computer

During the epidemic, Tianjin United Family Hospital is with you all the way!

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