UFH 2014 Clinician of the Year Announced

HOU, JanetUnited Family Healthcare 2014 Clinician of the Year: Janet Hou

Janet Hou is one of the assistant Chief Nurse Officers at Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics (BJU). She has been working at BJU for 14 years, and now oversees the Emergency Room, the Intensive Care Unit, the Operating Room and the Catheterization Laboratory areas. As a key member of the BJU nursing leadership, she plays an important role in planning, organizing, leading, controlling and evaluation — all key roles in BJU daily operations. She has demonstrated strong leadership skills and competency to lead the nursing team in critical areas and set a model for others participating in quality and safety improvement. She is an active member of the clinical chart review committee with responsibility for initiating monthly chart reviews. She plays a key role in Electronic Medical Record (EMR) implementation and consistently monitors and controls the quality of the EMR throughout BJU. Janet is an internal expert in Joint Commission International preparation for which she creates and revises policies, procedures and forms not only for nursing, but also for many other departments in this regard.

Janet Hou embodies a true sense of service and has demonstrated both a willingness and capacity to assist others, regardless of whether it is in her area of responsibility or not. Her enthusiasm, her hard work, and her outstanding clinical nursing performance as well as her expertise in quality and safety improvement have been well recognized by her colleagues, and have been vital to the growth and success of BJU.

Please join us in congratulating Janet Hou as the United Family Healthcare 2014 Clinician of the Year. She is also the first nurse to receive this award.