Wanhong Mu


IVF Director




Reproductive Medicine Center




Dr. Mu served as the director of the Reproductive Center of the 455 Hospital of the PLA in Shanghai and the director of the Reproductive Medicine Center of the Dongguan Maternal and Child Health Hospital. Dr. Mou has been engaged in gynecology and reproductive clinical research and teaching for more than 20 years. Specialize in assisted reproduction has the technology to help pregnant and palace laparoscopy in treatment of infertility diseases, skilled in the treatment of secretory disease inside, habitual abortion, polycystic ovary syndrome, uterine adenomyosis, endometriosis cysts, caused by intrauterine adhesions, uterine malformations, uterine cavity lesions, a disease of the ovary and oviduct infertility, specialize in ivf cycle of medication, take eggs, transplantation, multiplets reduction and ovarian hyperstimulation treatment, maternal women psychological guidance, etc.

Dr. Mu has published more than 30 academic papers, three national patents, two editor-in-chief papers and three associate editor-in-chief papers. Participated in editing two treatises. Taught more than 100 people. He was a medical consultant for the reproductive health section of Shanghai TV’s Golden Channel. And obtained the medical psychology instructor post ability certificate.

Dr. Mu is a member of the Family Planning Committee of the Nanjing Military Area Command. Member of the First Committee of Reproductive Medicine Management Committee of Guangdong Medical Industry Association; Member of the First Standing Committee of Reproductive Gynecology, Guangdong Grassroots Medical Society; Member of the 3rd Committee of Reproductive Medicine Branch of Guangdong Medical Association; Member of the 2nd Committee of Reproductive Health Professional Committee of Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Association; Member of the first session of Gynecology Professional Committee of Guangdong Grassroots Medical Association; Member of the first standing committee of Reproductive Health Branch of Guangdong Health Association and vice chairman of the second committee of Reproductive Medicine Professional Committee of Dongguan Medical Association.

Dr. Mu speaks both English and Mandarin.