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Dr. Gong received his Masters degree from Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He further learned chiropractic and Japanese orthopedic treatment respectively in Northwestern Health Sciences University and Suzuka International University. Then he learned spinal rehabilitation and athletic rehabilitation in the Sports Medical Center of Mayo Clinic and Stanford University Medical Center as well as pelvic rehabilitation in the Wellington Hospital , University of California Women’s Health Center and Herman&Wallace Pelvic Rehailitation Institute .

Dr. Gong has eight years of clinical experience. He is adept at combing traditional Chinese medical massage, chiropractic, physical therapy and rehabilitation training together to treat neck shoulder pain or lumbocrural pain. He also specializes in treating cervical spondylopathy and its related dizziness, headache, drowsiness, hypomnesia, hypertension, foreign body sensation in pharynx and larynx, dry eyes, blurred vision, straight cervical lordosis and cervical anti-arch. He is skilled in treating and chest tightness and palpitation caused by thoracic subluxation, and lumbago, sciatica and melosalgia related to lumbar disc herniation. He is also adept at using the Thompson Method and rehabilitation therapy for postpartum lumbar pain, separation of symphysis pubis, osteitis condensans ilii, pelvic widening, pelvic anterior tilt, splay foot and genu valgum in women. He is skilled in the prevention, treatment, and functional training of adolescent scoliosis.

Dr. Gong speaks English and Mandarin.

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