Yanhe Liu


IVF Scientific Director




Reproductive Medicine Center




Dr. Yanhe Liu was awarded PhD in Austrlaia. He received his bachelor degree of Biological Sciences from Shandong University in 2002, then his master’s degree in Clinical Embryology from Monash University in 2009, and PhD from Edith Crown University.

Dr. Liu has more than 15 years’ clinical and management experience in assisted reproductive technology laboratory. Before he joined TJU, he served as the Scientific Director at Fertility North,  a premium IVF center in Australia.

Dr. Liu is a world leading expert in embryo selection, one of the most effective approaches to improve IVF success rate. His work has been published on a number of world renowned scientific journals, such as Fertility and Sterility. Due to his outstanding contribution to this field of science, Dr Liu is frequently invited to lecture at international conferences and to review papers submitted to top fertility Journals. In 2016, Dr Liu was awarded Top Reviewer by Human Reproduction. In addition, Dr Liu is a member of Fertility Society of Australia (FSA) and Scientists in Reproductive Technology (SIRT) in Australia. He also holds an adjunct position as a Senior Lecturer at Edith Cowan University in Australian.